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Events are the first step toward leadership in your Network Marketing business. Life changing decisions are made at events. Your company events are where more people will make and solidify their commitment to building a dynasty in their business.

If you aren’t there, why would you expect your team to go?

I know, some people say – I don’t have a team yet – so I’ll go once I start sponsoring and building a team. This is a critical mistake to make.

The vision you paint for your team about success is one that must include events if you want a growing, thriving team and you want to reach the top.

Look at the photos and details of previous company events – do you see the top income earners there? Do you see the ones on stage also listed among the ranks of those at the top in both team building and paychecks?

Big growth in your business will always follow events! People who attend leave with inspiration and a passion about achieving what they want.

Promote events by being the first one  to get registered and then make sure you team is reminded continuously about the event.

This 2 minute video will share some thoughts and ideas –



How have events made a difference for you, and how do you see them shaping your business for the future? Share below –





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