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A big mistake many network marketers make when introducing their business to others is two -fold:

First, not finding out WHY the person might be interested in starting a side business for extra or replacement income.

Second, not leading with your prospects wants, needs and desires after finding them out!

So, here is a very simple to script to remember and help you in the process.

“Hey Mary, it’s Jackie. Listen, I don’t know if you would be open to it, but I have started a new project to develop a side income in this crazy economy and to take control over my finances instead of being at the mercy of corporate America all of the time. I thought of you because when we chatted a few weeks back, you were a little concerned about your job, too. If I sent you a video link, would you take 5 minutes and watch it?”

When Mary says – Yeah, I’ll take a look – your response is –

WHY? Why would you consider starting a side business?

What you want is for Mary to tell you her WHY, and then you can use this for all of the following conversation. You can then always lead with her agenda and not yours!

A follow up conversation might go like this –


So Mary, based on what you saw in the video, do you see how XYZ company and working together on this project could help you achieve INSERT WHAT SHE SHARED AS WHY!

Imagine how this might change your ongoing conversations!


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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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