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Well, I had the three way call that literally blew my mind, recently. I did a previous article on understanding how and why to use a 3 way call with your sponsor, and I practice this with my own team.

So, we are well into the conversation, and he is telling me all of the reasons why he has not been successful at any of the other dozen or so opportunities that he has “tried.”

After he gets done blaming everyone, including the cat (but not himself at all!) I readied myself to ask some probing questions and see if he is really a viable prospect for my business and team.

So, I asked – “What do you consider to be the perfect business for you? What would that look like? What would you day consist of?”

Here is what he said, and I will say, I was speechless for just a moment –



What would you have responded with?

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EXPECT Success!

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