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When the tools of social media and the online world came along for network marketing, it changed a lot of things, both good and bad!

And, what didn’t the world of online do that to, right?

The key to using these tools effectively is to manage your use of them, and to make sure you are not taking on a “all of nothing” approach to how you are working o your business. If you aren’t careful, you can certainly go broke slowly, waiting for your business to grow with the wrong activities.

I want to share some key things with you –

1. Each day, you need to be in physical/audio contact with at least two people. This means either face to face or over the phone, you need to make two new contacts for your business. Averaged out over the month, that is 60 new people minimum, and over the year – 720 people!!! WOW! Imagine the kind of business you will grow?

2. Use late night hours to do those things that can market your business, but aren’t direct contact.

Here is what I mean –


So, are you making the mistake of doing only passive actions? And, if so, how is your business growing?

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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer



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