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That age old question just never dies – how do I motivate my team in my network marketing business?

It’s an ongoing challenge, really and one that you don’t control totally, but you can make a difference in how you inspire a team by your actions.

Here is the danger a lot of people fall into – and I know I sure did in the early days!

We sponsor a few people, and we get heaped with some great praise and recognition by our upline, or even the company depending on our actions. And, we make a shift from doing the things that allowed us to sponsor those people and get that recognition. We stop making the new phone calls; the follow up calls; stop taking people on the company opportunity calls; stop with the actual activities of BUILDING a business.

Instead, we turn around and watch/wait for those we sponsored. We call them constantly, we ask if we can help; do they need a three way call, etc.

We go from “motivated” to “management.”

And, guess what? Our team sees this, even if not on the conscious level.

Hard cold fact – Network Marketing is a volunteer business and you are recruiting a volunteer army. There is no guarantee that they are going to be there, on the front lines in battle with you. Train them right, and give them the skills they need for success and you stand a better chance.

But, stand back and wait and watch, and you are in for sure defeat.

So, instead of focusing on motivation, let’s focus on inspiring.

Inspire your team by –

Continuing to grow your team by personally enrolling
Attending events
Showing up on company opportunity calls with guests regularly
Being on the company leaderboard, if you have one
Be in action every day and share publicly what those action steps are
Be there always to support, offer more training and encouragement. And, you get them trained and launched (after the first 30 days of being RIGHT there), turn the reins over to them. This means – YOU CALL ME!

Does that mean you never check in? No, of course not. What it means for me is that I work to do a few specific action steps with them, and then I must leave it to them to let me know how I can best continue to support them. Who wants a boss peering over one’s shoulder? Not me! Who wants to BE the boss? Not me!
Finally, don’t ask your team to do anything you are unwilling to do! Lead by example and lead strong!

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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


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