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StrategyNetwork Marketing Questions and Objections come in many forms! I love them all as it gives me a chance to further build on and develop a relationship with others.

Here are 4 top questions that have come in from prospects and team members over the years and I thought these might be helpful to you!

1. When speaking with a prospect, there are many questions that can be asked. What question would you consider to be the very most important?

My Answer –It depends on where the prospect comes from, but two I ask most frequently are – “What did you see or hear about our business that made you want to know more? What is going on for you in your life that prompted you to explore other options?”


2. It seems to me like in home business and network marketing, the entire focus on the business is recruiting. I am under the impression that there is little emphasis on the products or customers. Is this correct?

My Answer — Well, first impressions aren’t always accurate, ha! While there is no doubt that the biggest incomes in Network Marketing are always made on the recruiting side of things, wee never want to lose sight of the value and importance of customers. In my own company, 25-30% of our customers upgrade to distributor once they use the service and experience what we offer, or have others they share the product with ask about it. That is ONE solid team builder, in that case! Each company will be different. Decide what is important to YOU!

I’ve also learned to recognize what my gifts are and where my passions lie, and coaching a team and exposing this opportunity to others is my TRUE passion. I proudly claim that I am a focused RECRUITER and COACH! In sports, there is a recruiter and there is a coach. In network marketing, we scout out the talent and work to assist in that development, too!

3. What are your thoughts on generic leads and that method of finding prospects? Are they worth the time and money? Or is it better to spend all my efforts to get myself out there online via articles, blogs, social media, etc. and let people come to me even though it may be a slower process.

My Answer – I feel that the absolute best way to launch a business is with your center of influence or warm market. I would not be here today had I not gone this route and today, some of my best friends are business partners. I also love working with leads that comes to me personally. I LOVE working the internet and I see the time I spend out there as equivalent to doing a MeetUp or networking event, or a show, etc. I can hang in my work out clothes, though!! The BEST way to work this business is the way you are most passionate about. When I work leads, I realize that this is a process of working with people to warm them up me and the possibilities. In working leads, you MUST know it is a process!

The most solid business foundation will be the one that combines a little bit of all of it – warm market; offline networking and meetups; people you run into at kids events, while out and about, etc; and certainly, online methods! Keep as many lines in the water as you can!

4. What is the number one thing that you think anyone in this business who wants to succeed at a high level should know?

My Answer – Know that it is a process. Know that there are times of feeling unbalanced; times of feeling inadequate; times of wanting to quit; times of feeling it will never happen for you; times of feeling that EVERYONE else is better at this than you are. Know that these feelings will pass.

Know also that there are times of IMMENSE joy. Watching someone you’ve sponsored sign up their first person; watching someone earn $1000 for the first time; watching someone’s children get involved; having your (my) son tell me he appreciates my business; having my daughter come up to my office and ask what she can help out with, and working TOGETHER, talking and bonding; having your husband tell you he’s starting to feel like a kept man (and he is grinning from ear to ear when he says it!); watching leaders develop, shine and lead their own teams; winning an award; having MANY on your team win MANY awards; learning from the powerful people who have shown up in your group; believing every day that today is fabulous and tomorrow will be even BETTER!

Know that the only way you experience ALL of this is by staying in the game; learning; growing and developing!

You are a winner! Let that winner shine!!

Thanks for asking!

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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


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