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For years, I never tried to win contests in my company. I just figured that was one of those things that was reserved for “other people.” You know, people who were better at this game of business building and being an entrepreneur than I was.

But, over time, here is what happened. I watched the winners, and kind of felt like the kid on the outside of the playground fence. And, I realized that those “people” were very nice, very normal and very approachable about what it takes to be successful, and the qualify for and win these trips.

They were willing to share ALL of their methods and secrets. And, I quickly found out – there are no secrets. But, there are some specific methods.

Once I adapted these principles, I began to have the success I wanted, but had previously only watched others enjoy.

Sound familiar?

This short video clip is from my company’s 2012 convention, where I qualified in the top 5 Team Builders and producers, and won a paid for FABULOUS suite, VIP dinner, seating and an amazing helicopter flight over Las Vegas.

And, the best part – I shared the journey with my daughter, exposing her to “the finer things in life” and that spirit that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to!





So, what are those methods?

  • Consistent daily action
  • Sharing your business with a minimum of 2 new people daily
  • Follow Up
  • Personal development and mindset training
  • Getting to events to get inspired

That’s about it! You can do these things, right? I know you can!

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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


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