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If you want a stronger team; want more promotions; volume; new team members and such; then get to events; become a big promoter of events; and bring your team together at these events.

Network Marketing Events:

  • Build Belief
  • Build Dreams
  • Build Culture and Create Retention
  • Create Life changes!


Network Marketing Events Build Team CultureCompany events are a MUST; and that means your convention; and today, there are many other amazing Generic events available including the RealSavvySuccess annual event and the Association of Network Marketing Professionals event.

Your company event solidifies belief in the company, the products and the leadership. This is when you want to create something special and specific for your team while there.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate – coffee; a poolside gathering; a (quiet) happy hour; a full blown team dinner – just do something that creates a sense of community, bonding, awards and recognition.

People like to be part of something; and the more fun, the better. Most people dread and dislike their jobs. We have a volunteer business in Network Marketing, so give people a reason to want to volunteer!

When you become a great promoter of events, you will get your team there; get them engaged and on board with getting others there. After all, it gets dull year after year to be there by yourself, right?

Make sure you share how “there ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby?” Live stream doesn’t take the place; conference call recaps don’t; nor do facebook updates and such.

This short video gives you some ideas –



So, what event will you be attending next? Is it on your calendar? Are you promoting it regularly to your team by letting them know you will be there; and what the plans are?

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