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How to meet new people and get their contact information to share your Network Markting business

Have you ever been in the grocery store, or at a party, and you strike up a conversation with someone who you just resonate with? You just really feel that they have what it takes to succeed in network marketing.

And, then you struggle with how to get the conversation started and then how to ask for their contact information….

So, let’s talk about those cold market conversations – how to get them started and get their numbers for your Network Marketing business…

And, a brief intro into texting people as a first contact.

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How to Effectively Prospect in the Cold Market Real World for Your Network Marketing Business and Get Their Contact Information.

You’ll find that many network marketing trainers and companies only teach warm market list making and that leaves a few people out in the COLD. Yes, only having cold market to talk to.


Maybe you’ve burned your warm market.

Maybe you are young and your influential circle is challenging.

And, no matter what, you are going to run into people you don’t know who might be great so why not learn proper techniques on how to impact others and branch out a little.

You never know who is looking or how you will cross paths with them.

Here’s the breakdown on how to have these good conversations.

First, be prepared, Always carry a small notepad or blank business cards or blank paper and a pen. This is critical.

Then, let’s have some scripting down pat!

You are at the store or a restaurant; the check out gal or server is amazing – friendly

You ask questions – how long have you worked here…

Oh, you must really like it….often they will grimace or say – not so much.

A great way to open the conversation is – Well, would you be open to a side project to earn some more income if it didn’t interfere with what you are already doing?

When they say yes, you want to be dead on ready –

Okay, well I’m in a hurry and can’t get into the details here, plus you are working, so how about this – write down your name, email and phone number and I will follow up with you when it’s a better time.

Hand them the paper and ask – when is a good time?

If they start asking for details, you cut it short and say – I’ll be sharing a short online video with you when we speak and it’s going to give you all of the details about the company I work with, how we get paid and what you would be doing.

Would you be open to watching that short video?

IF they don’t want to give their phone number, that’s ok. An email is better than nothing. And, ask if they are on Facebook too. Connecting through social media is awesome.

Now, another step is to take out your phone and say, what’s your # – I’ll shoot you a quick text to connect and then I can text you some details.

Now you’ve removed the awkwardness of a live call, which is what scares a lot of people.


Texting Your Warm Market Contacts To Set the Appointment


So, let’s talk a little about texting to your warm market contact list as well.

Here is a little about what we know –

Emails often don’t get opened

Phone calls often don’t get returned

Direct mail works, but takes time and costs money

Text messages – now let’s think about that – text messages almost ALWAYS get read, right?

Think about your own habits there.

Would you like to set more appointments? Are you having some fear with the thought of contacting your own warm market?

Are you willing to do this, if you could just get the ball rolling?

So, what if you sent a short text to a few people a day who are i your mobile phone and asked – hey, would love to get together. Do you have some time in the next week?

They will almost always answer you. Set the time, confirm it and then SHARE with them that you have a project you want to share with them, as well as get caught up.

Set the appointment and then let them know you have a project you want to share because you don’t want this to be a bait and switch like the old days.

If they ask a lot of questions, ease their mind by saying – it’s super simple, won’t take a lot of time. I’m working on something, would love your opinion and any referrals you might think of who might want to join the project.

Don’t avoid questions, though –

Is it MLM?

Questions –

What if they live outside of local market and you can’t meet one on one?

Use the tools you have – skype or google hangouts is a great way to connect and show them exactly what you would face to face. This is amazing – you can have live meetings very easily!

What if you get low results?

Take a look at what you are saying? Are you over sharing or just working to schedule appointment? Set the appointment and then let them know you have a project you want to share because you don’t want this to be a bait and switch like the old days.

Have you been pushy in the past with your contacts and your opportunity? This could be why they are moving away.

You can fix this, but it takes time and working to rebuild that relationship. Skip the meeting for the first time you meet with them. Just have coffee, ask about them. Be a true authentic friend.

Give it a try and just SEE what happens!



1. Set a goal for number of new contacts you want to make weekly.

2. Get prepared with a notepad or some way to collect details.

3. Prepare what you are going to say so it slides off your tongue very easily.

4. Set a 90 day challenge for yourself to do this.

5. Coach your team to do the same.


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