Best List Building Techniques for Network Marketers in 2021



Best list building techniques for network marketing beginners

      Contact/Guest/Prospect list building is one of the Crucial steps in Network Marketing. It is ‘People’s Business’. This business completely depends on the people forming a team. And to become successful in this business you need to have a proper contact/guest/prospect list. 

One thing, everyone needs to mind is that not everyone will join and do business with you. It’s not your fault. Out of the ones, you showed the presentation/plan few of them will join and do business with you. And some people will quit after some time. For these reasons, it is important that you explain the business opportunity in a very professional manner, to as many people as possible regularly. The more people you meet, the better it is.

Your contact list is the “RAW MATERIAL” of your network marketing/mlm business.

In this article, we’ll discuss two popular list-building techniques.

Non-Stop List Building Technique: This technique helps you to create your list of potential prospects in a very short period of time. For beginners this is the best technique, if you’re a beginner reading this post, will give you a headstart.

Take a notebook and write down the names of people you know, without thinking about them. Just write their name. Set a 10minute timer and write all the names that come to your mind. Do not prejudge while making this list. After writing one name, immediately go to the next name.

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Memory Joggers Technique:

In this technique, you have to write a list of names with given hints. If you are an intermediate network marketer this will help to expand your list. 

There are some categories of Memory Joggers. Here are the categories with details:

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By Profession: – Nurse, doctor, Scientist, Student, Restaurant Owner, Secretary, Surgeon, Mechanic, Electrician, Teacher, Bank Worker, Architect, Actor, Actress, Waitress, Mailman, Insurance Agent, Accountant, Pharmacist, Barber, Hair Dresser, Photographer, Real Estate agent, Lawyer, Engineer, Carpenter, Computer Expert, Pilot, Public Service, etc.

By Characteristics: – Overweight, Skinny, Bald, short, tall, Muscular, Talkative, Introvert, Shy, Always smiling, Family-man, etc.


laughs a lot, loves to talk, loves to fish, love their job/profession, loves to dance, loves cricket, loves football, loves any sport you can think of, loves ice cream, works for a private company,   drives fast, knows karate, knows martial art, drives a motorcycle, is in the armed forces,  is very active spiritually, always dress well, always complains about his job, reads a lot, etc.


was your best friend in high school?

was your best friend in university?

was your wedding photographer?

is the luckiest person you know?

is your best friend at work?

are your closest friends?

plays video games / online games/ outdoor games with you?

are the parents of your children’s friends?

do you perform most business with?

is the sharpest person at work?

do you remember from your old jobs?

lives next door or across the street?

teaches your children at school?


After you complete exercising these techniques it is important to:

  • Combine the lists. If you are a couple, remove the duplicates.
  • Must add phone numbers next to the names.
  • Prioritize people on your lists
  • Inform your new distributors that how these techniques help you to make and grow your list. Encourage them to go with these techniques to continue the process of building their list.

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Things to keep in mind while curating the list:-

Things to keep in mind while making guest list in network marketing

1. Never ever keep your contact list in your mind, always write down.

We, Human, has a very good tendency of forgetting things. So take a fresh notebook, the one dedicated to contact lists and their details only, and then start making your list.

Also, you can download the following PDF format specifically designed for List building.

Never ″PREJUDGE″ Anyone.

2. Constantly expand your list. 

Have a goal to add 1 contact to your list daily. We come into contact with new people every day or two. Just add them to your list. We meet people through online social media, while commuting, in college, in morning walks, etc., just add them to your list.

3. Professionals network on purpose.

It’s hard to meet new people if you’re hiding from the world. Get out there. Have some fun. Join a new gym. Start a new hobby. Volunteer for a cause that’s important to you. Find places and organizations where you can meet new people. Along with enjoyment, you’ll also meet incredible new people.

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  • You can quickly start inviting your people & start sharing your business plan.
  • Network marketing is the business of duplication. If you have made your contact list, you can show it to your teammates. You don’t have to ask them, they will also start making it.


  • Don’t prejudge anyone, make a list of at least 100 people. This will increase your confidence. Making a small list of 10-15 people will lower your confidence, after talking 4 to 5 people and getting a rejection for presentation will decrease your enthusiasm and confidence.



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