How to Repurpose Your Facebook Lives For Instagram IGTV


Do you want to expand your Social Media presence and start using new platforms other than Facebook? But do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of new content that you think you should create?

We’ve been there and we know the struggle is real! But don’t worry because we got you covered!

The truth is, Instagram is absolutely massive. It’s in the top 3 Social Media platforms in the world, led only by Facebook and YourTube. And one of the coolest features it’s got? IGTV!

So what can you do in order to optimize your efforts and take advantage of this feature?

Inside this tech tutorial, you’ll find out how to repurpose your Facebook Lives for IGTV and how to optimize them, so you can get the biggest engagement with the least amount of effort! Are you ready? Let’s get right to it!

How to Repurpose Your Facebook Lives For Instagram IGTV

Are you already crushing it on Facebook? Do you go Live on a regular basis? That’s amazing!

Now you can take those Live videos, edit them a little, and upload them to Instagram. That’s called “repurposing” and with minimal effort, you create a piece of content for a whole new platform!

So how exactly do you go about repurposing your broadcasts?

Disclaimer: All of the steps below are done on mobile but you can follow them on your laptop as well!

Step #1: Download Your Facebook Lives

First things first. Let’s download the videos you want to repurpose. You can either:

  • download them directly through Facebook (though the platform naturally diminishes the quality of the broadcast, so avoid that if you can)


  • save them at the end of the broadcast — Facebook will give you this option when your Livestream finishes. Just click on it and save the file on your phone.

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Step #2: Edit The Video

Now your video is ready for editing. You can take it as is but in most cases, it might need a little tweaking in order to make it IGTV appropriate.

There are many apps you can use but we recommend using InShot as it’s the easiest to navigate. 

Step #3: Adjust The Format

Is your video in Landscape format? If you just finished shooting a Facebook Live, it most probably is. So in order to make it Instagram appealing, you need to turn the format into Portrait.

How can you do that? It’s really easy!

When you open the InShot app, click on the Video feature. Next: import the Landscape footage of your video.

The app will automatically turn your video into a Vertical one and it will give you a blurred-out look on the sides. You can also add stickers and other cool features to make your video more fun.

Then simply click on the right-hand corner and save the video to your phone! That’s it! Now your video is Instagram-friendly and the only thing left to do is upload it there!

PRO Tip: Play with different formats. Do a Facebook Live vertically. It’s performing really well right now because people are consuming more and more content on mobile. And as they’re scrolling through their feed, if your video takes more space, they’re more likely to take a look.

Step #4: Upload Your Video to Instagram

It’s time to upload your video to IGTV!

When you open your Instagram profile, right next to your username, you’ll see a + sign. Click it and you’ll get the option to create an IGTV video.  Once you select that, you’ll be able to choose the video you want to load.

When you have your video in place, you can choose a custom thumbnail for the cover of your IGTV episode or you can select a specific screenshot that presents you in the best light possible.

Then go to “Next”. There you’ll see the option to create a “title” and a “description”. Make the title as compelling as you can because it’s the first thing people will see and they’ll make a split-second decision to either watch the video or not based on it.

As for the description — it resembles a regular caption on Instagram, so make sure it’s interesting and use emojis to make it more fun.

Step #5: Promote Your IGTVrepurpose

Congratulations! You now have your IGTV episode ready to go! But if you want to get as many eyes on it as you possibly can with the least amount of effort, here are 3 tips you can implement right away!

Tip #1: 1-min Preview

As you’re uploading your video, you’ll notice an option that says “Share Preview to Feed”. When you turn it on, you will get a 1-min preview that will show up on your newsfeed. So even if someone comes to your profile long after the video has been uploaded, they can still see it! In fact, this feature is the reason why IGTV started blowing up in the first place!

Tip #2: Hashtags

They work the same way as hashtags do on a regular post. Use as many of them as you can (20-25 would be optimum) and make sure they’re relevant to the topic you’re discussing. Add them as a first comment, so they don’t overload your description.

Tip #3: Stories

Now that your IGTV is Live, go to it and click the “airplane” icon that’s next to the “heart” and “comment” buttons. It will give you the option to “Add Video to Your Story”. Just click on that and you’re done! Now everyone will see your brand new IGTV!

PRO Tip: You can add even your regular posts to your Stories, so you can get more reach. Follow the same logic: click on the airplane icon and “Add Post to Your Story”!

These were the 5 easy steps to repurpose your Facebook Lives for Instagram IGTV. Will you try them out? What other tutorials would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below! 

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